lulu is a very friendly shepherd mix, 6-7 YRS. OLD, GOOD W/ DOGS, KIDS & ADULTS.  -- she is always smiling despite her not so great past - she's had many puppies because no one cared that she wasn't fixed.  she is housebroken and utd w/ all shots, on HW and flea/tick preventatives.  she is ready to come home with you!  

rico is a small 4-6 y/o lab, weighs 38 lbs., neutered, UTD with vaccines, microchipped, on flea/tick and HW preventatives. He is fine with other dogs, we are not sure about cats. 

vick & max ADOPTED together!

lucy - adopted! 


Vick #A1827739 from Miami - This sweet boy is a 4-6 year old shepherd mix.  Vick's past has not been good to him - he was found last November with an embedded wire cord in his neck - he was dragging the rest of the cord that he probably pulled out of the ground to escape his horrible life as an outside dog. He was taken to a shelter in Miami where the cord was surgically removed. He waited at that shelter for 5 long months with no adoption or rescue interest.  That might be because poor Vick also had a tumor under his eyelid which constantly bled into his eye, and a huge tumor on his hip.  While at the shelter, the tumor on his hip continued to grow -- no one was interested in adopting a dog with pre-existing medical conditions.  Vick also tested positive for heartworm disease.  As a large, black dog, he had so many strikes against him and the chance of him getting adopted was slim.  We saw how sweet he was and took him into our program.  And what a lovebug he is!!  Vick has since received eye surgery to remove the papilloma tumor under his eyelid and the tumor on his hip.  He will also start heartworm treatment. Vick's eye and hip surgeries and heartworm treatment have totaled around $1500. 

Rocky is a very sweet 8-year old Lab mix -- he was surrendered with his brother Cookie to a Miami shelter. Rocky is now looking for a new start; he is neutered and has been fully vetted (all shots, tick/flea and heartworm preventative). He is good with other dogs (and cats too), housebroken, very friendly, and he aced his temperament test! Rocky crates very well and is a quiet boy. He became very good friends with his pal Marley (Nino from MDAS) as they were boarded together in Miami before making their trip to NJ. We would love to see these two friends live together for the rest of their lives as they are very attached. Rocky can be adopted separately too -- he would do very well in a household that has another dog. To inquire about Rocky -- please fill out our foster or adoption application:

Rico - adopted! 

rocky - ADOPTED!!!

Max #A1841285 also came to us from Miami.  He is a Labahoula (Labrador Retriever-Catahoula Leopard dog mix). Max has distinct merle markings on the tips of his paws and around his ears and muzzle. He is playful and affectionate and loves his Ducky and Doggie stuffed animals. He takes them everywhere with him and sleeps with them at night in his bed. Max is dog and cat-friendly and weighs around 65 lbs. and is heartworm negative.

Max was surrendered at the end of December just before the New Year by his owner.  He has recovered from a skin infection and still has some patches of alopecia.  He is doing great and is housebroken, walks nicely on leash and would enjoy the company of another dog to play with.  Max is about 10-11 years old but still has the energy of a much younger dog.  He loves to go for rides in the car (to the park); he also loves the park.  He is a sensitive and faithful boy.  His foster said he is perfect.  :) 


Marley (Nino from MDAS) is 9-10 years old, 60 lbs, UTD with vaccines, neutered and microchipped.  He lived his entire life in Miami, Florida and when his family decided to move, they didn't take him along.  He was heartbroken and sat at the Miami-Dade shelter for 4 months before we took him in.  Marley was neutered and treated for heartworm disease.  He is now on heartworm and tick/flea preventative.  Marley is a very gentle and loving soul and very deserving of a new start and life.  He is dog and people friendly.  Marley loves to ride in the car and crates very well.  He is quiet and well-behaved.   Marley and Rocky are best friends.  Marley would do well with another dog to keep him company.