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Foster A homeless animal                      Apply Here!

Please join our network of foster families.  We need temporary homes for dogs and cats that would otherwise be killed.  It’s simple -- all you have to do is open your heart and home to a deserving animal until they are adopted. 

What Do Foster Families Do and Why Is This So Important?  Foster families provide a homeless animal with temporary care in their home until the animal can be adopted out.  Sometimes it may be a short commitment (less than a month) or a longer commitment (caring for kittens or puppies or an animal recovering from surgery).  All veterinary expenses, as well as advertising and promoting the adoption of the animal are the responsibility of Paws on the Green.  

Foster programs are one of the most important means of saving the lives of animals rescued from shelters.  When these animals can be placed into a foster home and cared for in a cage-free and shelter-free environment, it allows the animal’s true personality to blossom while also allowing us to rescue more animals.  This makes the adoption process more successful because the animals look and feel better and are happier.

Although animal rescue groups try to save as many animals as they can each week, every day, animal pounds and shelters euthanize dozens of healthy and adoptable pets for no reason other than to empty the cages and make room for new ones.  These animals die because there is nowhere to put them.

Foster homes are also invaluable in assisting with special cases such as caring for mother cats and dogs with their litters, orphaned kittens and puppies, or animals with special needs.  Animal pounds and most high-kill shelters do not implement foster care programs or have staffing available to accommodate these special circumstances.  Putting these animals in foster care allows them time to grow or to heal in a home environment where there is less risk of disease or illness.

How Do I Become a Foster Parent?  If you would like to foster an animal, please submit our online foster application (it can also be printed and mailed or faxed in). We will review the application with you over the phone and we may also conduct a home visit.  Once your home has been approved, we will be in contact with you about pets that we feel would be a good match for you and your family to foster, especially if you have pets of your own.

What If I Want to Adopt My Foster Animal?  Foster families have “first option to adopt” an animal that they have grown to love and just can’t bear to part with.  If this is the case, the foster family will proceed with the adoption application process.

What If I Have Pets At Home?  We cannot guarantee compatibility between a foster animal and your own pets at home.  We will do a meet-N-greet to make sure the foster animal and your other pets get along.  Usually, if a dog is "dog-friendly", there are no problems and proper introductions are very important.  If it is not working out, we will place another animal in your home or find another foster home for that animal.  In some cases, an animal rescued from a shelter will have developed a cold (kennel cough or upper respiratory infection) while in the shelter.  In these cases, the animal may have to be isolated from your own to prevent the spread of infection.  This will be explained in detail to you before the cat or dog enters your home as we don't want your pets to become ill.  In most cases, the cat or dog stays at the vet until they are better and no longer contagious.  Fosters that have no other pets are great because we don't have to worry about this and can focus on getting the foster animal ready for adoption.