Thank you to Cheryl Owen & Gail Santoro for being Coco's Guardian Angels!  

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A Huge thank you to our POTG GUARDIAN angels!!

Coco:  Lab-Shepherd Mix; Age:  6-8 months

Condition:  Recovering from mange

Personality:  Very happy puppy, has puppy energy, loves everyone


Coco is a young gal who also came to us from NC.  She had demodectic mange, which has been treated.  She has a lovely puppy personality - she loves everything and everyone.  Coco's vet bills have totaled over $1000.00 so far.  Please help us pay for her continued treatment until she finds the perfect family to spend her life with. ​ 


Please help our homeless pets while they await their forever homes, with a warm, cozy bed to sleep in and nourishing food to eat.

The Leah - anakin fund

In memory of Leah and Anakin - please help pets with special needs make it out of shelters and into loving homes.  

General Donation

Andres Hernandez for being Charlie's Guardian Angel!

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Zeus has many Angels watching over him!  

Ko Niizuma, Jane Davis, David Ferguson, Jacky Fisher, JaimeLou Fleming, Cherie Huntington, Sylvia Keith, Niki Korda, Carole Michales, Annabel Olea, Cheryl Owen, Kathy Potter, Joyce Rivera, Susan Vanderweert & many Anonymous Angels!   ​Thank you so much!    

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Donating is more than just time or money, it's peace of mind. 


Zeus was fostered by Ko Niizuma after his HW treatment.  He now lives in Pennsylvania with a retired couple.   

Zeus:  German Shepherd Mix; Age:  4 years

Condition:  Heartworm Disease

Personality:  Very energetic, sweet boy - loves people.


Zeus ended up in a high-kill shelter in NC.  He is a sweet boy who loves people and may be ok with some dogs once he gets to know them.  Zeus is a typical German Shepherd - very obedient and very energetic.  Zeus has tested positive for heartworms and needs treatment.  He has wonderful sponsors who have donated to help with his HW costs.  Zeus still needs funding to cover his boarding fees and vet bills that are part of the HW treatment.  

Charlie:  Border Collie-Chow Mix; Age:  9-10 years

Condition:  Sarcoptic mange, HW+, partially blind, other neurological

Personality:  Sweet boy - loves people and other dogs


You name it, Charlie has had it.  He came to us with mange, heartworms and we thought he had a brain tumor, although his vertigo has healed and now we think it was caused from a severe middle ear infection.  He may have been hit by a car when he was younger as he is terrified of them and most likely had to heal on his own.  No one ever did anything for this sweet dog.  He has been treated for everything and is now in a permanent foster home living a wonderful life.  Due to his age and health, we do not want to move Charlie around as he is quite happy living near the ocean with a back yard to sun and nap in.  

Charlie still has outstanding vet bills and needs sponsorship for his continued care.

Please help this sweet ole Georgian Gent who has been through so much in his life.